Saturday, 14 August 2010

Hama Hama Hama


This is from yesterday's Evening Telegraph, and is about the Wellingborough Cashback Card scheme that launches today. Basically, you can get a card from any of the shops taking part. Each time you spend a certain amount in each shop (each shop varies), you get a sticker on the card. Once the card is filled, simply spend that minimum amount again to claim £5 off. The great thing is, you can mix and match which shops you use! Full details are on the website at

The shops taking part include:

O2 Wellingborough
Button Boutique
Wellingborough Health Foods
Maxine Of Morris Smith Jewellers
Henri Mikel
Halsey & Parker Opticians
Most Wanted Homes
Rowlatt & Sons
AO Copy & Print

In the case of Unorthodox, to claim your stamp you have to spend £25 (excluding CDs, make-up and cosmetics, accessories and glassware). Nothing to lose and £5 to gain!

Our pick of the day is another few pieces from RedRock Fashion. These hama necklaces are on 22inch chains so are worn pendant-style, and we have a PacMan ghost, a keyboard, sunglasses, and a GameBoy. They're £7 each which is a bargain! Perfect 80s retro, and very kitsch.

Enjoy your weekend!


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