Saturday, 4 June 2011



It's the weekend! And we're not hungover today (always a good start!). Anyone up to anything exciting?

Busy day yesterday. We are now out of stock of the Yumi Meila Lace Tea Dress in black in Medium, but we still have it in Small and Large, or in the other colours. It's a really versatile vintage-look dress (I love mine!). We are also down to our last one of the Monsalina Chic Black & White Mini Dress so if you're a size 10, snap this one up (we do have a few more sizes left in the White & Black version).

Our Pick Of The Day today is this oh so pretty Iska Raka Skirt Dress, on sale for only £20.00! It's got a black lace top part, beautiful ruffled pink skirt, and ties at the back. It's a great party dress for the Summer, or would even be fantastic bargain for a prom. Iska is by Uttam, the people behind the gorgeous Yumi label, so you know you're getting something fantastic and distinctive. So maybe now is the time to be pretty in pink?

Have a great weekend!


Now Playing In The Shop: Comfortable - King Adora

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